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A Manual of Historical Research Methodology

E Sreedharan

A book providing practical help to students at the graduate and postgraduate levels. What is given in the book is precise, clear and solid. The book's coverage and comprehensiveness, its scientific, analytical and critical treatment, its near perfect organization and arrangement, its clarity and easy methods of reference will make it a useful compendium for students and teachers. A teacher and lover of history the author has brought out philosophical, scientific, and ideological and linguistic perspectives to bear on the subject. Whether a student or teacher or a general reader, the manual can be expected to develop a healthy interest in history.

'The work is useful for those beginning historical research projects. It shows how historians analyse sources based on internal and external criticism, and emphasises the need to assess the veracity of primary sources. Models and methods are discussed including comparative methods, quantitative methods and micro history. E. Sreedharan provides a dependable review for students of history, particularly for those in India. Such a book was long overdue, and Sreedharan has filled this gap by compiling this work, which explores history's uses and values, the value of other disciplines, research methodology, and historical controversy'.- Prof. Nagendra Rao. (Journal of South Asian Studies - Cambridge University)

Pages, XIII, 374, Photo Pages 4, Bibliography, Index, ISBN:  978-81-905928-0-2 .  2008. PB:  Rs. 350. Euro. 30

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