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Soul Whispers

C P Santhiprasad

The outer world of the self starts disintegrating inwards as one slowly wades through 'Soul Whispers'. Grammar and syntax and words themselves begin to fall apart leading the senses on a journey of inwardness. The little child in the big man starts giggling. The beardless face of a little soul begins to emerge from the shards of a broken self. The soul begins to whisper. All one has to do is to allow these experiences to seep inwards without meaning without effort. History and mystery vibrate in union. Sound and sense space each other out of being. Only the soul begins to unlearn on its own. The freshness and spontaneity are what touches one at the very outset. In the end all words leave with a valediction, and the Sahrdaya is left alone!
'Santhiprasad is a hypersensitive poet who has captured and shaped every whisper of the soul into a verse of lyric. Mysticism is the essence of these poems. The sweet heart who is always with him, whose love transforms into love and only love is none other than the eternal beloved God almighty and life is a pilgrimage to reach that final destination
.'  -Chandramoni Narayanaswamy IAS (Rtd)

Pages, 96, ISBN:  978-81-905928-7-1 .  2012. HB:  Rs. 200. Euro. 15

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