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Sanskrit Informatics

R Raman Nair, L Sulochana Devi

ICT is totally changing the ways of our life and activities and is a part of day-to-day life.  A suitable language for interaction with the machine is now a felt need. Research on machine translation and natural language interfaces have revealed that the structural, grammatical and semantic properties of Sanskrit make it more suitable than English for computers. This points out the possibility of Sanskrit again becoming a dominant language of the world. Sanskrit Informatics is intended as a study guide for Sanskrit Students attending methodology courses on Informatics. It can create awareness about the available digital resources on Sanskrit and Indology, and introduce the basics of ICT skills for effectively accessing, processing and using such resources

'The book can save the  Sanskritist the laborious task of perusing volumes of books to equip himself with sufficient knowledge of ICT'. -Dr. G. Ganagadharan Nair, Former Dean, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit (Journal of Sukritindra Oriental Research Institute)

Pages, VII, 152,  ISBN:  978-81-922030-0-3 .  2011. HB:  Rs. 750. Euro. 15

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