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Hermann Hesse. Sanskrit Translation by L Sulochana Devi

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Siddhartha is a magnificent work of search, vision, and understanding. There is a rebellion at the heart of spirituality that never accepts the commonplace and ordinary as constituting the entirety of existence; this is brought home in the guise of Siddhartha who is even not content with being a follower of the Buddha, the Compassionate one, but ceases not till the truth of experience is brought home through his own lived experience. This sense of individual enterprise is perhaps the outcome of the individualistic humanism of Hesse himself in his encounter with the values embodied by the other side of the river.

Above all, Siddhartha continues to be a classic work of sympathetic understanding-- of humanism and spirituality at the same time. Living is an experience that is inexhaustible, and the quest for the spiritual at the heart of being only reinforces and strengthens this inexhaustibility.                                                                      - Dr. Murali Sivaramakrishnan

Pages, 158,  ISBN:  978-81-922030-0-5 .  2011. HB:  Rs. 500. Euro. 30

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